Cookie Usage Policy

Cookies are files containing a set of data sent by the server and stored on the user’s device. The browser uses this data for the following tasks:

  • User identification on websites;
  • Tracking access sessions;
  • Collecting statistical data;
  • Storing settings and personal preferences.

For a bookmaker, such data is needed to combat fraud, multi-accounting, as well as to save display settings for odds, currencies, the language in which content provided by the administration is available on the website.

Main Terms

The company providing access to the website and partner companies may use cookie files when processing user data. At the same time, several important nuances should be taken into account:

  • Legislation states that the user is not always required to agree to the use of these files;
  • Consent is not required for critical files, without which data transmission to provide services is impossible.

The bookmaker’s website also uses analytical types of cookie files, also referred to as “proprietary.” These are data about the number of website visitors, methods of entry (PC, mobile, browser type, etc.). It is also determined whether IP hiding tools were used.

These functional files help users use the website according to previously selected settings, such as localization language, display of specific options, and are implemented to improve the user experience with the services.

However, the use of profile cookies by the website is impossible without user consent. This system also allows sending various materials to clients based on the collected data about them.

When fully disabling functional and technical cookie files, the website administration is not responsible for the quality of the services provided, including the overall view of the resource, availability of its individual functions and services. In this case, users will have to enter settings, login information, and other data each time.

The next type of cookie files are third-party ones, which are used by independent data operators. To determine whether to disable them, you need to study the cookie usage policies of these operators, as the bookmaker company is not responsible for their activities.

By agreeing to the rules, the client automatically consents to the processing and storage of a range of their data, including cookie files used to store information about access to the website. If the user is not satisfied with these conditions, they have the right to terminate the agreement with the bookmaker, demand the deletion of their account and any data that were used for registration, authorization, and use of the resource.

In the event of any user actions that resulted in the inability to access the website or difficulties in using its services, the Betwinner bookmaker company is not responsible for the consequences. Use the optimal cookie settings recommended in your browser’s description.

The website’s rules and policies comply with current international standards and laws of the countries where sports betting services are provided. The company may make additions and changes to the cookie file management policy, notifying users accordingly. All changes are reflected in the website’s rules, which you can review at any time.